Le Rose de Marquis Cotes de Provence 2020

Producer: Yvon Mau Grand Crus
This gourmet and delicate rosé is selected in the Bordeaux tradition and vinified with respect for the terroir of Provence. Born of an exclusive partnership: through the owners of Domaine de Lauzade (Provence) and Domaine de Val d’Arenc (Bandol) the wine bears the exclusive signature of Marquis de Terme. Grand Cru Classé of Margaux meets the rich and warm vines of the Côtes de Provence, the heart of rosé.
Vintage: 2020
Production Area:
Type: Rosé
Alcohol: 13%
Grape Varieties: Grenache-60
Color: Very pale, shiny salmon colour.
Aroma: Intense nose, of great delicacy which begins with aromas of pear and fresh raspberries. Evolution on evocations of lychee and peach in syrup. Pretty freshness supported by notes of pink berries.
Taste: The palate, all in delicacy, offers a beautiful harmony between tangy freshness and tasty roundness, to conclude with a finish dominated by aromas of pink berries.