Woolshed Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Producer: Wingara Wine Group

We watch our Sauvignon fruit like a hawk as it ripens because picking decisions make this wine. I love being right on the edge of herbaceous, just moving in to sub-tropical. It’s a brilliant, fresh and pungent place to be. Cold fermentation then careful blending and finishing are all that follows … so we make sure we get the first bit right and the rest is easy.

Vintage: 2018
Production Area: Red Cliffs north west Victoria
Type: White Table Wine
Alcohol: 11
Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc-100
Color: Very pale straw with a fresh lime green tinge.
Aroma: Herbaceous with fresh rocket and coriander leaf and with lime and kiwifruit aromas.
Taste: Delicious, savoury and fruity with lemongrass, lime, feijoa and kiwifruit. Light bodied and zingy.
Cellaring Potential: Meant to be consumed young
Food Matching: Brilliant with many aromatic Thai dishes, especially where coriander seeds or kaffir lime leaves are used.