Abiura Birra Bruton

Producer: Bruton

This is a Luccan homage to Galileo Galilei on occasion of the 450th anniversary of his birth. We chose to honour the Pisan scientist in a provocative manner remembering the lowest moment of his career when he was forced to abjure his findings. Even if Galileo was obliged to recant his ideas, the time was right and the changes were already in effect, unstoppable. Something similar to that happening in the brewing world where artisan breweries have completely changed the scene, overturning dogmas and certainties.


Production Area: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
Type: Beer
Alcohol: 6.5
Grape Varieties:
Aroma: A classic Belgian style seasonal without spices or added aromas.
Taste: It is extremely dry having hints of bread and soft fruits with a vein of flowers and citrus coming from a fine working of the hops. A clean, very drinkable beer.
Food Matching: Abiura is perfect with white meat dishes or grilled vegetables. Also excellent with blue fish, clams or to accompany fish of medium fatness as salmon or tuna.