Casina Bric Brut Rose Collezione N8

Producer: 460 CASINA BRIC S.A.R.L.

Brut Rosè – V.S.Q. Collezione N8: Every producer loves challenges, just as they love producing something that can be considered unique. And it is its very uniqueness that makes the quest that much more interesting. I have always believed that the Nebbiolo variety had every chance of transforming itself into different wines, some better known than others. 

Production Area: Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Type: Sparkling Wine
Alcohol: 12
Grape Varieties: Nebbiolo-100
Color: Delicate antique pink color, with a fine, lingering perlage
Aroma: Floral nose reminiscent of wild roses and showing fruit hinting at peach blossom.
Taste: Fresh and soft on the mouth, with the considerable complexity that is typical of the varietal at the same time. Nebbiolo’s drinkability and verve unquestionably make this a unique bubbly.
Cellaring Potential: 5-7 years
Food Matching: Perfect as an aperitif, a great match for fish-based dishes, and ideal for serving throughout a meal.
Vinification: This was the inspiration behind Brut Rosè Collezione N8, crafted using the long Charmat method; a fragrant, fresh, I would almost say crisp Brut sparkling wine with bubbles dancing merrily on a classic antique pink stage. In pressure tanks (Martinotti method), sur lies for 8 to 12 months to ensure unconditional quality and finesse in keeping with Nebbiolo. Maturing in the bottle follows for 6-12 months prior to the wine’s release.