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Per Bottle: $379.99
Per case of 6: $2,279.94
Producer: Berta
Vintage: 2010
Production Area:
Type: Grappas
Alcohol: 43%


SoloPerGian is blend of Tre Soli Tre, Roccanivo and Bric del Gaian 2005, aged for 10 years in the new cellar SoloPerGian, in casks of 1,200 liter and 100 liter barrels The 100 liters have never been used by any other distillery in the world because the small container increases the evaporation of alcohol and reduces the amount of product. The result is a better quality distillate: the primary aromas are exalted. Here is the last challenge and the last project of Gian; the result is a grappa that looks like him, because it is "good", loyal, honest and gentle.



Grape Varieties

Grape %
Nebbiolo 34
Barbera 33
Moscato 33


Full, subtle, overwhelming, with great personality. Among the various sensations perceived the mature fruit, the small fruits, the cocoa and the vanilla stand out.


Rich, overwhelming. The seductive sensations perceived from the aroma are confirmed.


1200 litre casks for eight years and 100 litres barrels for two years