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Per Bottle: $419.99
Per case of 6: $2,519.94
Producer: Berta
Production Area:
Type: Grappa & Spirits
Alcohol: 43%


The story of Castelletto dell'Annunziata begins in Nizza Monferrato, which was once known as Nizza della Paglia, a town of houses with thatched roofs, founded by a group of brave people who rebelled against the barbarity of the Ius Primae Noctis. Here in this proud town, a newly married young man from Casalotto di Mombaruzzo decided to raise his children and develop his distillery. But when the roots of home start to tug at your heartstrings, they are impossible to resist, So the Berta family returned to Casalotto, leaving only a piece of their heart in Nizza Monferrato. And today, this same piece of heart takes us back to where it all began. To Castelletto dell'Annunziata, a country residence, an oasis of tranquillity at the highest point of Nizza, a window overlooking the Asti hills. It takes us to a new grappa, but one with an ancient history. A Piedmont grappa, made from the finest marc this land has to offer. A grappa that tastes like homecoming.



Grape Varieties

Grape %
Barbera 34
Nebbiolo 33
Moscato 33


Complex, pervasive, enveloping with outstanding personality. A splendid concert of sensations featuring ripe fruit, cherry, tobacco, cocoa, vanilla & orange blossom.


Rich enveloping, confirming the seductive sensations perceived on the nose.

Cellaring Potential

Many years


Discontinuous distilling system, Copper steam still.


100 L French Oak Barrels.