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Per Bottle: $94.99
Per case of 6: $569.94
Producer: Pieve Di. S. Restituta Gaja Azienda Agricola
Vintage: 2014
Production Area: Most of the grapes from Rennina and Sugarille vineyards are blended with those from Torrenieri, in the north-eastern area of Montalcino. While the soil in Rennina and Sugarille is clayey-calcareous with high amounts of galestro, the ground in Torrenieri is a mixture of clay, tuff and sand.
Type: Red Table Wine
Alcohol: 14.5%


2014 Vintage is available by the bottle at the LCBO in the Vintages section, or by the case through Stem Wine Group - call the office for more info.  416-548-8824. We are really proud of the excellent job done by our whole team in such a challenging year: a constant alert and monitoring ensured perfectly healthy grapes. Nevertheless, not every vineyard reached the standards we expected, therefore we sold in bulk the lots we were not confident with and blended Rennina and Sugarille to obtain the highest level of quality among our vineyards. Only the Brunello label has been bottled from Pieve Santa Restituta in 2014. In Montalcino, the climate trend was different from the last 20 years, more similar to the eighties: presenting mild winter, humid and warm spring and a not-too-hot summer. The abundance of rainfalls during winter and springtime cooled down the soil temperature leading to a slowing down of the vegetative growth of the vines. Consequently, the blossoming came with a delay of almost two weeks in comparison with the previous years. The first part of September was characterized by light Tramontane winds and presented a mild and dry weather. The winds helped in maintaining the health conditions of the grapes and slightly hastened the ripening. Moreover, thanks to the the timely work and the costant care in the vineyards, the grapes reached an excellent maturation and full fuphenolic ripeness. The harvest began on 22 September and ended, without any interruption, on 7 October.    


Grape Varieties

Grape %
Sangiovese 100


2014 Brunello shows botanical notes and fresh fruity aromas: sage, rosemary, gorse, red currant and pomegranate. The nose shows notes of cloves and incense as well.


On the palate it is fresh and elegant, with notes of granular white fruits, such as pear and quince. The body is medium with a smooth texture and a vibrant acidity. The tannins are silky and the aftertaste is long.